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Rod Baker opened the doors of Baker First Commercial Real Estate Services in January 1988.  At a time when many were getting out of the real estate game, Rod was just getting started and saw the opportunity to grow the business.  “We were at the low end of the economy and (I thought) it might be a good time to jump in and take advantage of the future growth in the market.  I knew Oklahoma had to come back, so I jumped out there and made some good contacts.”

The first deals he put together for investors were for multi-family properties.  He soon added retail, office and self-storage to the Baker First portfolio.  Now Baker First is vertically integrated – from land acquisition to development, construction, management, leasing and brokerage – a full-service one stop shop for commercial real estate investment projects.

Baker First has established a responsible business history with a reputation for hard work and trust built upon integrity that has brought countless quality referrals. We integrate the process of creating, managing and selling commercial real estate investments.

As a client, you can be sure that Baker First’s experienced professionals will always do what is right to maximize the needs and desires of you and your business.


Our mission is to provide the most responsive and effective delivery of service to our clients, and in doing so, maximize their satisfaction and return on investment.  The company was founded on the principles of integrity, responsiveness, reliability and expertise.  These core values are what drive every decision we make.

Focus is on the client/owner.  Your deal will be important, not just another lease, sale, development deal or investment to manage.   Baker First is small enough to provide a personal touch to your deal.  All the while being large enough to have experienced professionals work on every aspect of your project, regardless of the type.

More than a brokerage firm, Baker First is a real estate solutions center.  Beyond buying and selling property, we maintain ongoing relationships throughout the business community to expedite transactions and benefit our clients.

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